About CO2

M/S Chitral Oil & Ghee Industries Pvt Ltd is in CO2 Business for last one decade and enhancing our customers everyday by stamping our quality among customers and continuous supplies assurance make us unique and daunting in competitive market.

We not only win sales volumes but also the services we provide which make us ideal to make relationships not just simple business deals. We provide technical expertise as well to our valued customers and make them feel like at their maximum comfort level. We absorbs pain for our worthy customers and give them smoothening in their operations.

CO2 Plant

We started this business with a production capacity of only Three Tons per day and till now we have integrated it to more than seventy five (75) Tons per day by the grace of Almighty Allah. We have two manufacturing units at Two different strategic locations one in central region (Lahore) and one in Northern region Hattar (Hari Pur) to cater most customers with quick supplies service in short span of time to cut the loses of Buyers in their production and to reduce transportation cost and risk as well.